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The Amboise Collection

Amboise slabs & planks are a unique architectural surfacing solution for use in interiors as well as exteriors. These pieces are manufactured utilizing an eco- friendly Ultra High Performance Concrete containing a large percentage of non-toxic recycled materials.

Ultra high performance concrete has a structural strength 10 times higher than traditional concrete.

One of the great advantages provided by our material is the fact that it is permeable allowing it to "breathe”, consequently moisture is able to pass through it and to evaporate.

Our material is incombustible, does not rot, is termite, water, oil and abrasion resistant, flexible, very thin (¼“ ) and lightweight (3.5 lbs/sq.ft.).

Ancient distressed white oak planks and 17th Century reclaimed limestone slabs from the Amboise [nb]  region in France were utilized to make precise master molds with a silicon material very similar to the one used in dentistry allowing us to capture the most intricate details and textures.

Slabs and planks are handcrafted by experienced artisans giving each piece a unique character and artistic touch. Our UV resistant coloring process is achieved using permanent mineral oxides at the time the material is manually poured into the molds.

The Oak Plank Collection is available in 6 x 24 inches pieces to form the herringbone pattern and in wide planks of 10 inches by  lengths of  3 ,4 and 7 feet. We also offer a full range of finishing options including custom stair treads, risers, trim and baseboards to enhance the character of fine wood or stonework.

The Stone Slab Collection is available in sizes ranging from as small as 8 x 8 inches up to as large as 24 by 48 inches allowing one to create a variety of interesting patterns.

Amboise slabs & planks are 100% identical in appearance to the originals used in the replicating process making it virtually impossible to discern between them. Unlike ceramic or porcelain our products have the touch, feel and temperature of natural stone and wood.


Our flooring is the perfect solution for architectural projects to capture the alluring look of ancient distressed wood planks and limestone slabs in a contemporary environment.

Leonardo da Vinci spent the last years of his life in the Manor house Clos Luce next to Château d'Amboise and is buried in the Chapel of Saint-Hubert in Château d'Amboise, in France).

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